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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
« Reply #571 on: January 24, 2016, 07:37:06 PM »
Yikes do I need to do something ?
"your friends look like drooling, slack-jawed gimps"
" 27.11 MHz: "DrJackson-another resident buttwipe needs to be put downASAP" (14 hours and 20 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "DrJackson=KOS/DNR" (14 hours and 19 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "Did we mention DrJackson is a lying weasel of a poofboy?" (14 hours and 17 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "and he wears his granny's panties on the outside" (14 hours and 16 minutes ago)"



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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
« Reply #573 on: April 09, 2016, 01:28:06 PM »
Yikes do I need to do something ?

Well, yes.  Otherwise, what have we been paying you for all these years?     ;P

If you, or anyone else gets around to it, could you take a look at these IWits and add these dimwits to the Zerg List?

Zedward Woodward     Lvl    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:25:59

Zeddy Lamar    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:30:37

Zedfish    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:36:07

William Zedspear    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:38:57

Tara Zed    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:43:32

Zedilson    Joined:  2016-02-10 21:50:26

Zeddy Murphy   Joined: 2016-02-10  21:54:05

These two could be "innocent bystanders" but I rather doubt it.  Not with one having the exact same or close start date as the ones listed above.

Where's My Lunch?    Joined:  2016-02-10 22:39:11

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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
« Reply #574 on: December 28, 2016, 09:54:36 AM »
Reporting possible Zerg activity

Heinrich Himmler -account created on 2012-11-23 10:07
Adolf Hitler           -account created on 2012-11-23 10:13
Martin Bormann   -account created on 2012-11-23 10:06


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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
« Reply #575 on: February 07, 2017, 04:10:33 PM »
An outrage !
"your friends look like drooling, slack-jawed gimps"
" 27.11 MHz: "DrJackson-another resident buttwipe needs to be put downASAP" (14 hours and 20 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "DrJackson=KOS/DNR" (14 hours and 19 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "Did we mention DrJackson is a lying weasel of a poofboy?" (14 hours and 17 minutes ago)
27.11 MHz: "and he wears his granny's panties on the outside" (14 hours and 16 minutes ago)"



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Dempsey Grove Mercenaries zerging?
« Reply #576 on: September 06, 2018, 11:03:43 AM »
It's been a long time, Resenz...

Part One: Introduction

When the Gore Corps made our return a few months ago, we naturally found ourselves in immediate conflict with the Greater Homeland's largest organised resistance group: Roftwood Coordination Center (hereafter referred to as RCC), an alliance of multiple groups and individuals based around Roftwood and active between there and Stanbury Village. Having been out of the game a while, a couple of the group names were unfamiliar, such as Roftwood Elite and, especially, Dempsey Grove Mercenaries (hereafter referred to as DGM).

The latter was a mix of a few new accounts created in April, plus a couple of older ones that were oddly low level at that time, indicating that they had been subject to prolonged periods of inactivity. Their modus operandi was very much in the bounty hunter vein, in that they would concentrate on grouping together to kill breathing members of the Gore Corps, while doing nothing about the actual spread of ruins. As such we viewed them mostly with amusement. It was nice to see some organised opposition, but they weren't really doing anything that caused any significant inconvenience, so we mostly ignored them.

Then on the 15th of August, something happened that got our attention.

On the day we chose to attack Dempsey Grove Police Department (home of DGM), as it was the most populated resource building left. We broke in as usual and found a few DGM inside, but concentrated on the job in hand. Then one of the DGM became active and left the building. Then another. Then the third. That's not improbable. Guy notices they're being attacked and messages the others on their Discord server, so they all move out too. The weird part was what happened next.

Every few seconds, one of the DGM would jump in, say a couple of lines, maybe take a couple of shots, then jump out. Only one would ever be in the room at once. Zero crossover. Because we were concentrating on our strike we didn't get the screenshots that I would, with the benefit of hindsight, have prioritised. So, we'll ask for your faith on that part. From here on out, we have everything documented.

After the strike, Kuozai, the leader of DGM, posted about the strike in the RRF section of RCC's Discord server, tagging in Lord Moloch of the Gore Corps:

It was mostly just the usual banter and bravado. Nothing unusual between the RRF and RCC. Except for the last part:

In the Corps we're no strangers to organisation and we share screenshots of our strikes. Want to know something that we've never seen before in all our twelve years though? Screenshots of people's phones, discussing attacks/being attacked via text message. Seems a bit weird, no?

Firstly, there are countless apps and websites for faking these kinds of screenshots. Secondly, you can get someone to agree to a text exchange, or even text yourself to get these kinds of results. Then look at the language. Kuozai, based upon his avatars on Discord and elsewhere, appears to be an Asian American man in his 20s, but that text exchange reads like some painfully middle class teenager boy's idea of how inner city black youths speak. It's excruciatingly cringey. Further, that end part about McDonald's and the mall feels like a desperate addition thrown in to say 'Look, it's an RL friend. Totes a real text message exchange, guys!'

It just appears very, very staged and it's safe to say we were pretty suspicious at this point. So, we started looking into things.

Part Two: Investigation

First thing we noticed was that there is a DGM subgroup on Discord. The weird thing though? Kuozai is the only member.

At present there are five active members of DGM that we have spotted, with one that we have not seen and another two that are presently inactive (eight total). They are:

Chado Kun (08/03/2006):

ChesySan (27/06/2011 - Inactive):

Heartless Lover (07/03/2018 - Inactive):

Kunaty (27/12/2010):

Kuozai (08/09/2015):

LovelessHeart (24/04/2018):

Tisute (21/04/2018):

Zero Two (26/04/2018):

So, six active members, five visible in Roftwood and another two inactive, yet there is only ONE member of DGM on their Discord server? That does not add up, at all.

Classic zerg signs include blatantly similar profiles, with two (Kunaty and ChesySan) having 'unreadable collars', five (Chado Kun, Kuozai, LovelessHeart, Tisute and Zero Two) referring to an alligator yin/yang symbol, as well as three of the accounts having been created within five days of each other. Obviously it goes without saying that LovelessHeart and Heartless Lover are the same person.

The yin/yang could easily be considered an indicator of a group 'uniform', which isn't unheard of. I have included it here for it to be considered alongside in light of other issues that we have uncovered.

Another classic sign of zerging is being right next to each other in the activity list of a building, indicating very close times of activity/arrival. Such evidence is far from slamdunk material, especially in a game which works around finite action points, but when it keeps happening over and over, there's cause for suspicion:

16th of August – Kuozai, LovelessHeart and Tisute right next to each other. Zero Two revived, so out of the queue:
19th of August - Tisute and Zero Two right next to each other:
25th of August - Zero Two, Kunaty and Kuozai right next to each other. Tisute and LovelessHeart also present:
27th of August –

    Kunaty, Kuozai and Tisute right next to each other. LovelessHeart separated by one. Zero Two also present:
    Four standing up in succession (we missed the screenshot on the fifth). Note especially the even time distribution on three counts there:

29th of August

    Kunaty, Kuozai and Zero Two attacking as a team:
    Kunaty, Tisute, Zero Two and LovelessHeart preparing to attack as a team:

Now, I hear you saying it: “But I see rows of Gore Corps in those screenshots too, as well as GC attacking in succession.” It's true. That stuff is not abnormal for a strike team. In fact, it's the norm for any half-decent one. However, if you visit the RRF on our Discord we can point to each of our members on there. Hell, we can get them to come out and invite you to forsake your pants and embrace Barhah. We're a large, active and diverse group, each with their own style and, most importantly, their own Discord account. In short, we can show you that we're all single players doing our thing. I'll repeat: On the RCC Discord, the ONLY DGM listed is Kuozai and the only time we ever see mention of the rest of the 'team' is via a suspicious text message and him referring to them on a couple of other occasions. All very convenient.

And now, let's talk about Kuozai...

Part Three: Who is Kuozai?

Well, in answer to your question, Kuozai is Kunaty.

Here's Kuozai's Steam profile, complete with other names that he has played under:

Look at that list: Kunaty, Kunati, NeO_Kunaty, etc, etc. Also Tony. Take a look at Kunaty's profile (or the screenshot of it in case he edits it). What's the real name? Tony.

Now look back at the iWit from 29/08:

There's Kunaty, there's Kuozai, both attacking. Slam dunk, zerging.

But there's more. There is also adequate reason to believe Kuozai/Kunaty is also Tisute.

What letter is just to the right of T? Yeah. Tisute is basically just a typo of Tisuye, which just happens to be a name that Kuozai/Kunaty has been using online too for years. Far too convenient.

Let's now address something that some of you may be thinking: “That's three accounted for, but what about the rest?”

Okay, so there's the proximity of time factor that I mentioned above, as well as the issue of him being the only DGM on their Discord. While you might still, in spite of all the evidence, be clinging onto the idea that the other accounts might be legitimate, let's take a look at something from Kuozai/Kunaty/Tisute's history in the game.

As it says in one of his profiles above, he was once in Army Control Corps and back in 2012, having left them once, he was interested in rejoining. Here's the post in their forum:

Note that in this he refers to Chesy and lists the profile that we now have above, bearing DGM tags. Also that line about her communication:

'Chesy, will not be talking to you guys unless you see a separate paragraph or such. I am talking to you guys on her behalf. She wants to officially join.'

So, she wants to join, but won't be making a forum account. Instead he'll be speaking on her behalf? That seems pretty fucking weird. Not impossible, as not everyone is keen on the metagame, but kinda weird. Not just to the Gore Corps. ACC weren't buying it either:

Some seriously admirable vetting there from Army Control Corps, who were immediately suspicious of zerging and stated that she needed an account. No account was forthcoming and that was that. Also, when investigating Kuozai on Discord, we found this, in which he says Kuozai and Kunaty were 'in ACC together' for a time. I wonder if that was a factor in their suspicions when he tried to return:

Very telling, isn't it? And it raises the question 'Why should we believe the accounts in DGM are anything other than Kuozai/Kunaty's zergs?'

Think about it: He was 'speaking for' someone who never became active in the metagame and vanished when people suspected zerging did not accept her without an account on their forum. Now DGM have EIGHT accounts (that we've found so far), but only one, Kuozai, is in Discord. Take all the above and add that in. Do you really believe this is a strike team? Discord isn't some arcane darkweb site. It's huge and easy to use. Why the hell is no-one else in this 'group' using it?

Because there is no group. He 'speaks for' them because he is them. He's a zerger and every account in DGM should be considered highly suspect and treated as a zerg.

Part Four: Conclusions and Recommendations

There can be no question that something stinks with Dempsey Grove Mercenaries. There is concrete evidence linking three of the five accounts that are active right now in Roftwood. There is also ample circumstantial evidence linking the others too. As a part of this investigation we have considered the possibility that another player or two is involved in DGM, but they for some reason choose not to metagame. However, combining the 'ACC and the phantom Chesy' incident, several instances of suspicious bunching and movement patterns and, of course, the cast iron certainty of connection between at least two, and probably three of the accounts, leads us to believe that at absolute best Kuozai created half the DGM line-up and has password access to all of them.

In the past, when groups have been shown to be dispropotionately riddled with zerging to this extent, the Zerg Liste has taken the step of adding all members as zergs until conclusively proven otherwise, or adequate and permanent separation steps are taken, on pain of permanent listing in the event of any second offence. We feel that this is an appropriate response to Kuozai and DGM.

With regard to RCC, we believe there is no reason to suspect any ill intent on the part of the organisation as a whole, nor any of the other constituent groups. We've enjoyed a lively banter with them and, while the position of Kuozai as an administrator on their Discord gave us pause, we think it more likely that they have been duped. At worst they may be guilty of not asking a question, the answer to which they likely feared getting, and who hasn't been there in their lives?

All that said though, we will be very interested to see how they respond to this and what steps they take.
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Re: Zerg Liste 10: The End of Days
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A-HA! Not only does it still exist, I can still log in here!


Tom Challenger woke up to find a bunch of identical humans in the same building, all created over the last couple of days.


Edit: After some prodding, here are two of them acting within a minute of each other, in sequence.
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