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Re: Zerg Liste 4: Cheaters Never Prosper
« Reply #570 on: November 27, 2007, 11:10:49 AM »
In Pegton, a member of my group was attacked by the survivor Sunsnukis, quickly followed by Sunsnukis2.

He leads the Dogs of War, however only one of his accounts is listed. He should be killed for lack of creativity in his name alone.


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Re: Zerg Liste 4: Cheaters Never Prosper
« Reply #571 on: November 28, 2007, 02:00:44 PM »
Couple of grabs on the Damage triples (Doc, Fire, and Mr). Anyone near the Morrish NT building, one of the few remaining Christmas tree locations, can find Mr Damage with a bow tied around his neck and 20HP left, to finish the job.


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Re: Zerg Liste 4: Cheaters Never Prosper
« Reply #572 on: December 01, 2007, 12:19:16 AM »
One of my characters was taken out by the combined efforts of "Scout Taranis" (id=1008312) and "Zombie Taranis" (id=1013085).  The Iwitness record (and hence profile links ) is at


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Re: Zerg Liste 4: Cheaters Never Prosper
« Reply #573 on: December 01, 2007, 06:39:32 AM »
Woke up, crawled out of bed, nice coffee booster, knock off two Damage zergs. If these guys were zerger of the week I'd be ... well behind Clobber Girl and Tsuru...  :-\


Edit: Centaurs live in word filters (Masumi Minogue loves recursive word filters) ?

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Re: Zerg Liste 4: Cheaters Never Prosper
« Reply #574 on: December 04, 2007, 05:21:12 AM »
Ah, life.

I hope this helps... (apologies in advance for the length of this post)


Current status of Joachim Mall with our zerger standing guard.

[/URL ]

A Sexy Nurse [URL=][/URL ]
(2007-08-04 23:09:49)
(Nicole Bale listed above in the previous zerger evidence)


Helen Scarman

(2007-09-11 07:53:33)
Richard Schreiber

(2007-09-11 07:54:10)


(2007-08-31 08:50:37)

Lumber Mall a couple days ago ... we retook it and within an hour the
zerg attacked our safehouse between both malls (no screenshot
available) and the mall itself.  This happened the same time and day
DK13 reported Club Shortt taken down by this zerger.  We were there as
well.  That is where this investigation started.


Thats the facts as I have them ... its for you to decide

It just seems fishy to me that ... the following 8 zeds ... with 7
being made on the same day within the same hour happened to be in the
same group the Bitchslappin Ho's in Pennville and took out Milton PD

[/URL ]


Also it appears coincidentally 3 blocks south at the same time the
following 3 zeds took out Currie Museum. 2 of them interestingly
enough were made on the same day within an hour of each other and if
you look above were made on the same day and same time as the zeds at
Milton PD ...


- Show quoted text -

It is truly pathetic that someone would have to resort to cheating to
this extent to get kicks ...

- Crowbar

There are 21 additional profiles we have in evidence, all
members of the same groups, all created on the same days and all
present in the same area, but we have not yet acquired the appropriate
proof to report here. The situation with this zerger is ridiculous.

Based on this post and Jensonson's post:

I did some investigation. It's pretty easy to see the process of
creation by the patterns. First he wanted some zombies and made
juicybrainsucker (with his own group), followed by juicybraindrinker
(with his own group) and played with them for a while.  Then, it looks
like he wanted some more AP, so he made a new character, a pimp from
the 70's and followed him up a little over a week later by adding A
Sexy Nurse in their own group. So that's Bitchslappin Ho's = 1,
Fraternal Sorority of Gender Diverse Maggots = 2, and Entrails = 1.
Next, in order to round out his groups, he made some new accounts in
rapid succession, leaving little time to move them around, as they
were meant to be zombies (and who cares if they are left outside?).

Jack Steed raised the count of Fraternal Sorority of Gender Diverse
Maggots to three, then the four "descriptive name" zombies were made
(digestive juices, jaw rot, mind boil, and maggot fungus). This
brought up all of the groups to having three members each, but he
realized that he should change his names up a bit. He made a fur cup
and a cute teddy bear next in separate groups, followed by going back
to his more "descriptive name" zombies (nostril snack, scrotum twist,
fingernail tear, and vomit gurgle) to keep the groups even at five
members each.

He then decided to change up the names again, making Screwtonian and
whoredump. He changed his pattern slightly by making three word names
instead of two, thus making: I stab people, noneofyobusiness,
playswellwithothers, the girl next door (previously unreported), and
the town preacher. This brought the group totals up to seven each.

Otta, almost seems like an oddity, but it fits when you consider his
overall pattern of adding characters to his groups:

Bitchslappin Ho's -> Fraternal Sorority of Gender Diverse Maggots ->
Entrails -> repeat.

The pattern of name creation continues with a sewer inspector, Stop
that Twinkie, Hands in the air, first aid kit, and you find a
newspaper (one previously not found). He finished up the day and made
AaXd3, farmgirl69, and taxicab. This gave each group ten members each.

A few weeks of developing these characters and he found he needed some

more to help take buildings. So on 9/11, he made several new
screennames with proper names in rapid succession to add  three
characters for each group. Starting with William Veresmith and Peter
Barlow for bitchslappin ho's. Then John Blaimen, Anne Barlow (most
likely banned), and Patrick Demack (most likely banned) for Entrails.
Next, he added Helen Scarman, Richard Schreiber, and Nicole Bale for
Fraternal Sorority of Gender Diverse Maggots. Finally, he rounded out
Bitchslappin Ho's by adding Michael Bergman, so all of the groups
would have three new people in them, bringing the grand total to
thirteen members for each group.

EDIT: Just saw that Jack Harkness already mentioned these, and Token replied too. Hurr.

No problem. At least we know it has happened multiple times.

Quote from: the bluefish link=topic= 12.msg35805#msg35805 date=1192896519
How annoying... the DEM has been putting a lot of effort into cleaning up Eastonwood, and it's been going swimmingly until very recently... we had generously imagined that the EF and allies were simply becoming more coordinated, but then a trooper reported this:
The number of low level zombies in the attack was an immediate red flag, and checking profiles seemed to confirm that eat up dany and coast guard were undoubtedly zergs, and pool crescent and max lax were probably zergs as well.  The high level ones don't seem suspicious to me, except for their clear collaboration with zergs.

I'm really going to need a screenshot for them. However, it does indeed look like they are zerging.

Probably two different players playing two characters each, but you never know.

Quote from: the-kooks link=topic= 12.msg35807#msg35807 date=1192902626
Kru are friends in Real Life that play this game, so the near identicle ID's are because of that, although I'm sure the group doesn't care about beeing called zergers, so add them to the list if you want.

Well, King Sausage does do things for Lord Taxalot on the wiki. I doubt all of the Kru are zergers, but it does look pretty bad for him.

Hey, would you guys take a look at the reports here Rogues Gallery link by Jack Newbie for Mojack & Jack Newbie

Also the bounty hunter Trunksoul seems to have his alts operating quite close. As seen by his posting here & here. The main Trunk is/was a good one and a half suburbs away but Pete Kay claimed a bounty and the Zimmerman alt was pked here[/url ] (and has a claimed another bounty [url=]here) all within a short time frame.


I looked at the screenshots for Jack Newbie and verified that it is indeed the same person. Get me a profile link for Mojack and I'll add him.

As for Trunksoul, he is getting close. He is one day apart within a reasonable distance from these two posts:

He seems to be respecting the one suburb rule, but I am going to have to keep an eye on him. Just in case.

This one's a possible. They're not exactly next to each other, but close; they're not formed at the same time; but the lame Star Wars names, the  prose style, the no-real-names-no-group-no-clothes bit, the general star-trenchiness....  (yes a 5-digit number!) bobafett joined 2005-07-25 no real name, no group, no clothes, description: air dropped in to fight the zombie/pkers with a new armour that looks a lot like a famous Bounty Hunter [wow, your ARMOUR looks like a bounty hunter!] :roll: obi wan kenobi jedi joined 2007-10-19 ; no real name or group, no clothes, description : special ops scout,my pickup team was killed,code name-obi wan kenobi jedi,dressed in a special light defusing hooded robe(hence the code name) [wow, your CODE NAME is dressed in a robe!] ::) ::)

Hm. It's close. Are they still near one another?

This the right way to report zergs?

dieing fetus3:

It is indeed. Thanks for giving us some more information on this zerger.

Hey there peoples... Huntress225/The Huntress here. I'd just like to make sure only those two accounts end up on this list. I'm not really using them to have an advantage, just trying to level up the one with the better name, but by your definition that is, in fact, zerging so they stay I suppose. However, someone other than me has been making accounts similar to these two account names and I'd just like to request that they aren't associated with me. I'll screenie myself killing them to prove it if you like XP

Thanks, Hunny

If you separate the accounts, I can remove them. All you'd have to do is show a screenshot and just state that you won't keep them together.

Let me know when you are ready to do that. Just keep in mind that they'll need to be at least a suburb apart.

Here is ADDITIONAL evidence of the zerging of Izflawless/BuIIgod/Tigerfangredspear (particularly the last two, BuIIgod and Tigerfangredspear)


In those two shots, you can see the two of them working closely together in a short time frame.

Also, please consider their profiles:


One ID right after the other, created at the same time...

Mmm. Lots of circumstantial evidence. It could easily be a few people working together, but BuIIgod and  Tigerfandredspear seem more likely to have the same player.

I'll have to put it up for discussion.

Quote from: Izflawless link=topic= 12.msg35959#msg35959 date=1194796595
That "mistake" would be posting PK evidence from a public iwitness report ( ). The guy who made the report had assaulted me previously so when I saw his kill on Iwitness I figured it would be funny to use this against him. The victim name had no relevance, except only for their status on the PK lists.

Of course metagaming cannot explain that since there is no concurrence and coordination between his alts (the real ones). Same goes for me (BuIIgod).

Coordinated attacks as evidence of zerging? Learn to use some IM service, convince some of your friends to play UD and you will get the same result.


I will point out to both of you, that it is not smart to come on here through open proxies and defend yourselves from zerging accusations...

Here is a picture of consecutive BuIIgod and Tigerfangredspear cooperating to kill me using the same parachuter technique.
They used to at least kill you individually.

Private Damage

Now the same tactics? Well, I won't be adding izflawless, but the other two are now fair game.

Oh hai!

[/URL ]

Just remember to add their screennames too.


In Pegton, a member of my group was attacked by the survivor Sunsnukis, quickly followed by Sunsnukis2.

He leads the Dogs of War, however only one of his accounts is listed. He should be killed for lack of creativity in his name alone.

Could you get me a screenshot of the two together?

We need some proof that they are working in tandem.


a pimp from the 70's
A Sexy Nurse
Jack Steed
digestive juices
jaw rot
mind boil
maggot fungus
a fur cup
a cute teddy bear
nostril snack
scrotum twist
fingernail tear
vomit gurgle
I stab people
the girl next door
the town preacher
a sewer inspector
Stop that Twinkie
Hands in the air
first aid kit
you find a newspaper
William Veresmith
Peter Barlow
John Blaimen
Anne Barlow
Patrick Demack
Helen Scarman
Richard Schreiber
Nicole Bale
Michael Bergman


King Sausage
Lord Taxalot

Dirty Rockstar



David Wumpkins
Fluffy Wumpkins

dieing fetus3

Dr Mah

Jack Newbie



Marco Xidah
Robert Xidah


Duck J





Scout Taranis
Zombie Taranis

the cop
the super doc
the firefighter

Goldenboots +4
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