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Zerg Liste FAQ's
« on: December 25, 2009, 09:39:14 PM »
UrbanDead has only one hard and fast 'rule' outside of those built into the in-game mechanisms, and that is that multiple characters controlled by the same player should lead completely separate existences, neither collaborating nor sharing the same building or suburb. There are some in-game countermeasures to counteract this, curbing the effectiveness of in-game actions or causing the accounts involved to be flagged and banned, but player initiative has proven necessary in the past to fill in some of the gaps in this system. While there are various interpretations of the 'completely separate existences' clause of Kevan's rule (the issue of multi-abuse and its extents, for one, is still hotly debated in some quarters), zerging has been clearly defined by Kevan and the community as a player having more than a single alt within 10 blocks (1 suburb's distance) of each other (simultaneously or within a 24 hour period), no matter what their individual purposes, associations or goals, and is regarded as clear evidence of cheating within the game.

The Rogues Gallery recognizes the Zerg Liste as a reputable authority on zerging issues and, as such, will not accept a PK report where the 'victim' is currently flagged by the Zerg Liste. Zerg Listed players can accrue a bounty as per the normal rules, but it will never be lowered by claims against them while they remain listed.

Player attitudes towards zergs vary, but consider that players resorting to zerging are exercising an unfair advantage over anyone else they come into contact with. While you might benefit in the short-term from the actions of a zerger on your own 'team' (zombie or survivor), imagine the situation reversed - a seemingly endless stream of characters, all run by the same player, undoing all of your efforts within a suburb by cheating the system and employing vastly more AP than they're entitled to. Zerging tends to lead to more zerging, is a common enabling mechanism for other in-game offenses ('text rape') and generally degrades the game for all players. So what can be done to counteract it?

    * Like the RG, the Zerg Liste thrives on player contributions. If you witness activity you believe to be zerging, take a screenshot, iWitness or udWitness and post your observations to the the Zerg Liste. If there's evidence sufficient to add the characters involved (generally, proven activity of one player via more than one character within 10 squares of each other within a 24 hour period), they will be placed on the Zerg Liste and subject to the sanctions specified below.
    * In addition the RG's sanctions against listed zergers, there are individuals and organizations dedicated to investigating, hunting and eliminating zerg characters within the game. Some of the most prominent of these include Zerg Hunters Unlimited (Wiki) and the Anti-Cheater Alliance. Both of these are meta-groups, so if you wish to participate in ZHU/ACA activities and maintain your affiliation with your current group, that isn't a problem.
    * If you prefer to hunt zergs solo, or just like to remain informed about the people around you, and use the UDTool or udWidget extensions for Firefox, you can automatically flag listed zergs in green by adding the block of code below to your list file. It is fully compatible with the Rogues Gallery UDTool list (you can have both in the same file). For more information, see the UDWiki entry on UDTool lists.


;Zerg Liste
:url(,start(;Start List One),end(;End List One),group(Zergs),color(#00ff64)
:url(,start(;Start List Two),end(;End List Two),group(Zergs),color(#00ff64)
:url(,start(;Start List Three),end(;End List Three),group(Zergs),color(#00ff64)
:url(,start(;Start List Four),end(;End List Four),group(Zergs),color(#00ff64)

Accidents happen. If you had a one-time incident where your alts strayed too close to one another (and were added to the ZL as a result) or believe you were listed as a result of mistaken identity, there is an easy process to petition the Zerg Liste for removal. Move the listed alts in question (if they're your own) to a safe distance (at least 10 squares from each other, though more is suggested to be on the safe side), take a screenshot, iWitness or udWitness demonstrating the character's names, locations and a time/date-stamp, and go find the latest (uppermost) Zerg Liste Discussion thread on the Resensitized forum (you will have to make an account to post here). Add a reply explaining the circumstances that got you listed and including your evidence that the alts have been moved away from each other. Given that information, the Zerg Liste moderators will generally remove you on the next list update (done periodically as the moderating team's time allows). Note that the ZL employs a two-strike system; if caught zerging a second time after being removed from the Liste a player will be permanently and irrevocably listed with no opportunity for appeal. Though the minimum distance between alts is 10 blocks, it is generally a good idea to keep a higher margin than this just in case (2, 3, 4 suburbs' distance or more is highly encouraged - Malton is a big place!), as a second innocent mistake will result in a permanent listing.
If you have been mistakenly listed as the alternate character of another player, the process may be a little more complex. If it is a player you know, the both of you will likely have to post to the same discussion thread indicating that the characters in question are under the control of completely different players. If not, post a reply indicating your situation and ask what can be done to rectify it, and the moderators will address the issue on a case by case basis.
Above all, please be polite and tactful. Like the RG, the ZL is maintained by players who have volunteered their time and efforts to fulfill a need of the UrbanDead community without any sort of compensation or remuneration. While you may feel that your character being killed by a zerg hunter is an abrupt way to introduce the issue to your attention, experience has shown that few other means are effective in making sure the message has been received. Just as the RG bounty system doesn't rely on delivering a stern talking-to to listed offenders, the ZL pursues the one effective in-game measure for informing the accused of their situation.